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Real Belle Vogue Bride Stephanie + Kory

August 2, 2019

Location: The Pavilion Event Space | Kansas City, MO

Style Number: Essense of Australia D2452

Photographer: Tyra Marie Photography


When bride Stephanie came into Belle Vogue Bridal looking for a dress, we knew we had to help this exceptionally sweet gal find the perfect dress – and we did just that! After choosing a stunning all lace gown from our fave designer Essense of Australia, this girl was ready to walk down the aisle to groom Kory.


Real Bride Stephanie wearing her wedding dress from designer Essense of Australia, style D2452, standing on a rooftop with the Kansas City skyline in the background.



The Most Special Memory

The most special memory from the day was when Kory and I exchanged gifts after our first look. Kory put together a scrapbook telling the story of our entire relationship. He had saved ticket stubs and special mementos throughout our 7-year relationship that I had no idea he kept. It was so special to look through the scrapbook and remember all the little moments that led us to our biggest moment together thus far – our wedding day.


Real Belle Vogue Bride Stephanie, posing with her groom to be, wearing her Essense of Austalia wedding gown, style D2452.



The Proposal

I have a special love for fountains, so when Kory mentioned he wanted to go on a fountain tour because he hadn’t seen many of them (despite being a lifelong KC native), I immediately agreed. He eventually said the real reason he wanted to go was that he needed to “scope out places to propose next year.”


Real Belle Vogue Bride Stephanie posing with her husband at their venue Cross Iron Cottage.

Real Bride Stephanie's Essense of Australia Wedding Dress, style D2452, hanging on a hanger in front of a window.

On September 30, 2017, we headed down to the Plaza for the fountain tour. I even asked if it was going to be obvious whenever he did propose because we were doing this. Kory assured me he had a plan and it would be a surprise. We walked along Brush Creek, grabbed lunch at Kona, and then continued the fountain tour by walking around the Plaza. Kory had a map printed out and a few picked out he particularly wanted to see. At a few along the way he would ask, “So, would this be a good place to propose?” Each time I said, “Yes, but you could propose anywhere and I’d say yes.” We finally made our way to the famous JC Nichols Fountain. He again asked, “So would this be a good place to propose?” Again I said, “Yes, Kory. But I told you – you can propose anywhere!” He then said, “Okay, well in that case…” and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.


Real Belle Vogue Bride Stephanie laughing and talking to her father on the dance floor.

Real Bride Stephanie, with her husband Kory, posing with the Kansas City skyline behind them.


The Wedding Details

Kory and I both come from large extended families, so we knew the guest list would be close to 300 and the focus would be on throwing one heck of a dance party. We both love to dance, so the bar, DJ, and a large dance floor at the venue were really important to us. We even chose the hashtag #DropItLower to commemorate the day!


Real Bride Stephanie's Mother zipping her into her Essense of Australia wedding dress, style D2452.

Real Bride Stephanie kissing her now husband Kori during the wedding at Cross Iron Cottage.


I chose shades of blue with gold accents for the color scheme, and went for a modern, DIY theme. I created acrylic signs and geometric shapes to mimic the lines of our gorgeous outdoor ceremony venue. To make the day a reflection of us, we added several elements to illustrate our love story and make the day unique to us, including beer home brewed by my dad. Our guestbook was a basketball to reflect Kory’s job as the head girl’s basketball coach at Blue Springs South High School. Our first date was to Andy’s Frozen Custard back in 2011, so we served Andy’s for dessert. We also served popcorn as an appetizer and chocolate chip cookies for dessert to celebrate a family tradition: every Sunday, we enjoy family night eating popcorn and cookies for dinner while we watch a movie or something on Netflix. What made the cookies even more special was that Kory’s high school Home Economics teacher made them for us – Ms. Rogers makes the BEST cookies! Kory and I met in college when our sorority and fraternity were paired together during homecoming. Coincidentally, the red carnation is the flower for both of our chapters, so we had a red carnation for each of our sisters and brothers in attendance at the wedding.


Real Bride Stephanie's wedding invites



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